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We offer basic TO ADVANCE

web hosting

We will make sure that your site is always up.

We register your domain name
The first thing you have to do when you want to create a website is to resister a web address or domain name. It is unique to your site and that is how you can be found online by potential customers. MadeOfCloud has partnered with to help you obtain and register a domain name that suits your company. It is fast and easy!

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Hosting plan & Prices
Always up and running! We are not just hosting your sites we manage your server you now have a full sys-admin team behind you making sure nothing goes down. We will host your site on our powerful servers and ensure optimal performance. We know this is crucial for the success of your website, since a site that is often down tends to loose traffic overtime. We do all the work for you
Fully managed
Dedicated Support Team
Managed core, security and plugin updates
Optimized hardware, software, and network design
Free SSL certificate
24/7 VIP Support
Choice of Linux or Windows servers
Server Configuration
(scaleable to your needs)
1 Core CPU
1 TB Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
cPanel with WHM Control Panel
PRIVATE Name Servers
Unlimited Domains/Sub Domains
Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.5GHz
250 Mbps Uplink
15 TB Bandwidth
3 IP Addresses
cPanel with WHM Control Panel
PRIVATE Name Servers
Unlimited Domains/Sub Domains
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Dedicated Teams
Our dedicated teams work with Agencies, Businesses and Freelancers.
Are you looking for a proven dedicated team? Our creative team is screened, tested and reliable. We have hundreds of employees which have worked for clients globally on various projects. Best of all, you get a dedicated account manager with a senior project manager that allocates the same dev’s and creatives to your projects. If you want to change direction or are looking for a new style, we can allocate a different designer without affecting the overall team.
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